10 highest rated Kuler colour themes

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Kuler — in case you didn’t know – is Adobe’s internet application for generating colour themes. No matter what you’re creating, with Kuler you can quickly create inspiring themes, thanks to easy-to-use tools like colour wheel, harmony rules or colour sliders. You can also browse thousands of colour themes already created by the Kuler community searching by tag word, title, creator, or hex colour.

Below you will find 10 highest rated colour themes made with Kuler.


Futuriffic Kuler theme

Sea Wolf

Sea Wolf Kuler theme

The Sweet Life

The Sweet Life Kuler theme

Sparkling Sife

Sparkling Sife Kuler theme

African Safari

African Safari Kuler theme

Grave Architecture II

Grave Architecture II Kuler theme


OXIWEDDY Kuler theme

Sands in Desert

Sands in Desert Kuler theme


Feynman Kuler theme


Firenze Kuler theme

Source of text and images:

  1. Adobe Kuler: http://kuler.adobe.com

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