AnnEyes – dual screen wallpaper for mac, ipad & iphone

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I was just playing around in Photoshop with a photo of a model (my photographer friend Artur took it), so I cropped it to the size of an eye, tweaked it a bit and applied few filters finishing with a ‘glowing edges’. I think it created quite a nice effect – probably due to the amount of makeup on the eye and eyelashes. Then I created second image, flipped the canvas horizontally, and here we go, nice looking dual screen wallpaper for your mac.

AnnEyes dual screen wallpaper

AnnEyes wallpaper for iPhone

AnnEyes wallpaper for iPad

Download wallpapers:

Left eye 1920x1200px | Right eye 1920x1200px

Left eye 1680x1050px | Right eye 1680x1050px

iPhone 320x480px

iPad 748x1024px

Source of text, images and psd files:

  1. Photo: Artur Łopata
  2. Led Cinema Display PSD:
  3. iPhone GUI PSD Design Template:
  4. iPad GUI PSD Design Template:

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